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The Breakfast of Champions.

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Helping people perform like champions since 1921

As our first ready-to-eat cereal, Wheaties debuted in 1921 as Washburn’s Whole Wheat Flakes. Since then, they’ve become an icon of sporting, thanks to their 100% whole grain flakes and B vitamins.

Record-holders since 1926

1926 – First ever singing radio commercial, “Have you tried Wheaties?”

1934 – First woman on a Wheaties box, aviator Elinor Smith

1952 – First African American athlete on a Wheaties box, Roy Campanella

1987 – First team depicted on a Wheaties box, 1987 World Series Champion Minnesota Twins

1992 – First non-orange Wheaties box, red and black in honor of the Chicago Bulls

19 times – most appearances on a Wheaties box by Michael Jordan

7 spokespersons since 1958: Bob Richards, Caitlyn Jenner, Mary Lou Retton, Walter Payton, Chris Evert, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods

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